Provincial Office
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Hermes Tracking – Data Cleanse

PGLM/PGCM Data Cleansing Program prior to Hermes Launch

  1. Provide data required shown in RED at the top of each members report given to you.
  2. If you consider data is incorrect shown in the reports, please add this data nessacary to help acheive a better level of member data accuracy.
  3. If you are unable to provide a peice of data because you or the member just do not know, or not able to track down, please state in the field the following statement "member unable to provide dates". You can highlight this text, copy and paste into fields that are not obtainable.
  4. If a member is missing dates for Passing and Raising, it is very unlikly that the member has received his Grand Lodge Certificate. If that is the case, please submit the form LP & A5 as soon as possible to enable the regiatration team to investigate. These forms have been provided in your pack you have been emailed with the link to this page, the member PDF reports and other crucial information.
  5. Please enter the text using Upper case for leading characters and the rest in lowercase, is a term called Proper Case.
  6. If you need support on entering information, or helping with reasearch, we encourage you to seek support from from within your own Lodge\Chapter, scuh as Assistant Secretarys\Assistant Scribe E's.
  7. In the event you need further Provincial Support please email the following contacts:
    Lodge Information:
    Keith Gregory -
    Chapter Information:
    John Keith -